Safe driving, from as few as 3 vehicles.

DVM fleet management for industrial customers

Mobility and affordability from a single source

Small fleet, small costs. Big fleet, big savings. DVM guides industrial customers to the best possible offers when it comes to vehicle insurance – regardless of your size. A comparison of vehicle insurance costs is worthwhile – for industrial customers of DVM even from as few as three vehicles. For the sales staff cars, for transport vehicles or the CEO’s car: Mobility always means flexibility and profitability to us. We therefore offer you tailor-made fleet calculation, attractive premiums and individual benefits depending on the size of your vehicle fleet. In short: an insurance cover that protects you from all possible accidents and their consequences – on and off road.

The DVM fleet management offers you different fleet solutions and car insurance from the cost per unit models to an optimization of the no-claim bonus to the fixed date regulation. Together with the insurer, we negotiate these and many other services as well as special clauses specifically for your fleet – depending on what offers the best value for your company. You will also be pleased to know that In the event of a positive claims history within your vehicle fleet, we will even refund you substantial contributions. This simplifies the procedure for you and brings the greatest possible security to your fleet management.

With the DVM fleet management you’re on the right track with:

  • Affordable fleet insurance for industrial customers from as few as 3 vehicles
  • Flexibility, profitability and time savings thanks to modern fleet solutions
  • Analysis leading to best possible liability and comprehensive cover and no-claim bonuses
  • Attractive cost per unit models with fixed vehicle premiums
  • Individual contracts with the aim of including all possible risks instead rather than excluding services
  • Premium refunds with positive claims history
  • Full support in handling claims

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