Do not take liability risks – go to DVM.

We find the right liability insurance for you in every field

There is no substitute for compensation

Everybody can make mistakes. The experts at DVM ensure that they do not happen to you by covering your liability risks.

Liability insurance is essential. The risk of having to pay for non-accidental damage with your own private assets is too high. Incidentally, this also applies to incomplete or under-covered contracts. Anyone who does not pay close attention to the small print can, despite existing insurance cover, be partially or fully saddled with the damage caused. With the DVM you do not take this risk.

Whatever you require, whether it is motor vehicle liability insurance, animal keeper´s liability or liability insurance for builders, we protect you in every insurable situation – against unimaginable risks as well as against unjustified claims for damages. For this purpose, we give an exact analysis of your personal liability situation in advance. For example, homeowners and landowners need higher insurance cover than tenants. Families need different insurance components than single people…. According to your situation, Deutsche Versicherungsmakler GmbH & Co. KG offers the exact liability protection that suits you – and saves you unnecessary costs.

How DVM protects you against private liability risks:

  • Exact analysis of your liability situation = tailor-made security
  • Protection against liability consequences and claims for damages
  • Financial protection of your private assets in the event of culpable and negligent damage
  • Efficient liability insurance for pet owners, hunters, builders, building and landowners etc.
  • 360 ° advice from your personal DVM contact

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